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Have you or someone you know been arrested for a DWI?
Attorney Ken Gibson can help with your release and trial defense.

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Austin Jail

It is a situation that you never expected to find yourself in; however, you have been pulled over by a police officer, asked to perform a number of sobriety tests and informed that you are being charged with DWI. You need to contact an experienced DWI defense attorney, not just an attorney that handles criminal cases but an attorney who has handled hundreds of DWI offense cases and has the practical skills to assess your case and obtain the best result for you.

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This attorney in the Austin, Texas area is Ken Gibson. Mr. Gibson has proven experience in the area of DWI defense. But it is not just his experience in the area of DWI defense that sets him apart, it is Ken Gibson's understanding that each DWI case is different and fact specific. When you contact Mr. Gibson's office, an initial consultation that fits within your schedule will be setup where the charges against you and the options available to you will be fully discussed.

Whether you find yourself or a loved one in theTravis County, Williamson County Jail, the Hays County Jail, or the Bastrop County Jail facing DWI/DUI charges, your first call should be to Ken Gibson.

Let Your Attorney Handle Your Court Appearance

Remember as in all aspects of life, first appearances are crucial. The first criminal appearance for your DUI/DWI charge informs you of the court assigned as well as provides an announcement to appear at a designated court. By contacting and hiring a DUI/DWI defense attorney prior to your first criminal appearance, your attorney can attend court for you and there will be no need for you to lose time at work for an extra court appearance due to your DWI/DUI charge. Make the right first appearance for your DUI/DWI charge, contact DWI/DUI defense attorney, Ken Gibson to setup a free case interview.

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