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Late Night Jail Release

Late Night Jail Release

In Travis County, if you are arrested for a DWI/DUI charge after 1am when there is no magistrate available, you will not have a bail amount set until the following day which can sometimes translate to the following afternoon. The only way for you to be released the same night is to hire an attorney to perform a late night Hobby Release, named after former Lieutenant Governor William "Bill" Hobby.

Staying Up-To-Date On DWI Defense Strategies

Before our office can fully evaluate your DWI/DUI charges, we ask that you schedule an initial consultation and at that time, we can answer many of the questions that you have concerning your DWI/DUI charge.

Ken Gibson's practice is devoted to defending DWI charges. In order to be an effective DWI/DUI defense attorney, you must stay on top of changes in the law. Ken Gibson focuses on following current Texas DWI/DUI laws, defense trends and concentrates his Continued Legal Education courses specifically in DWI/DUI seminars. Ken Gibson has been trained by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) for administering field sobriety tests; thus, Mr. Gibson can determine if your tests were performed or evaluated correctly. Mr. Gibson owns two Intoxilyzer 5000 machines and he understands that failing a breath does not automatically translate into a guilty verdict. He understands what can cause erroneous readings and factors that can affect alcohol absorption and elimination from the body.

Ken Gibson Will Fight To Protect Your Freedom

Ethically Ken Gibson cannot promise that he will get your DWI/DUI charge dismissed; however, his goal is get your record clean, allow to retain your license and the ability to drive, prevent you from future incarceration and hopefully, work toward the dismissal of your case.

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